WPA Poker Trophy Resembling Lady Bits Becomes Hot Topic

WPA Poker Trophy Resembling Lady Bits Becomes Hot Topic

31 Aug

The Women’s Poker Association (WPA) is garnering plenty of attention on social media lately thanks to a poker trophy that looks a lot like a lady’s genitals.

The lady bits look-a-like trophy has been distributed to winners of a select number of women’s events dating back to this summer’s WSOP, but its uniqueness has eluded commenters and trolls on social media — until now.

It seems that a tweet from Amanda Botfeld, author of A Girl’s Guide to Poker, is responsible for the trophy gaining recognition.

The risque shape and design of the “vagina” trophy may perhaps offend some people, especially in this day and age of political correctness. However, the comments on social media –from men and women alike — seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of the trophy.

Of course, there were a few detractors:

iNinja Poker Tour co-owner Chris “Fox” Wallace, who along with the Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS), co-hosted the most recent tournament that offered the trophy in the women’s event, told Bonus.com that he initially had some doubts about whether the trophy would be accepted among the ladies.

“When the tweets went viral, …. I was worried that it would make the trophy less desirable to the women playing the event,” Wallace said. “But instead, the women loved it, though[t] some of the jokes were funny, and they all wanted to win it.” Of course, it didn’t take long for social media commenters to think of a new design for a men’s poker trophy:

Incidentally, the proud winner of the lady bits trophy was Molly Anne Mossey, who won the tournament following a three-way chop.

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