Wynn Resorts Challenge Sexual Assault Cover-up Claims

Wynn Resorts Challenge Sexual Assault Cover-up Claims

24 Sep

Wynn Resorts is back in the courts yet again, the fallout from founder and former CEO – alleged sexual predator Steve Wynn – making another appearance, this time in a lawsuit alleging they covered up sexual assaults and created a toxic work environment…

The new lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Brenna Schrader, who alleges that “she was forced to engage in sexual conduct with Stephen Wynn… and VIP clients.

According to court documents, “She also alleges that Maurice Wooden, the former president of WLV, Wynn, and others concealed this misconduct, facilitated it for profit, and coerced victims into silence.”

This was from a U.S. District Court complaint filed in 2019 and attorneys for Wynn Resorts are seeking to have the latest lawsuit, filed on September 1st in Nevada’s Clark County District Court, thrown out.

Lawyers for Wynn Resorts stated this week:

“The Plaintiff’s complaint reasserts a meritless Nevada (RICO) claim that was already rejected by the U.S. District for the District of Nevada. Rather than seek to amend her complaint or appeal that dismissal, plaintiff refiled … in this court and then apparently sought out the press to garner attention for her latest filing, as if it contained new claims or recent allegations. It does not.”

Wynn Resorts, who were hit by a $20million fine in 2019 for failure to conduct a proper investigation into the claims of alleged sexual misconduct made against Steve Wynn, also made a statement regarding the dismissal filing.

“Wynn Resorts was recently made aware of a lawsuit filed by Ms. Schrader against the company and several former employees. The lawsuit largely mirrors allegations and claims Ms. Schrader made in a prior lawsuit against the company and same former employees more than three years ago, which has been largely dismissed by a federal district court. Given the current status of that prior lawsuit, and the false and outdated allegations contained in the new lawsuit, the company elected to respond immediately by seeking dismissal. Wynn Resorts will defend itself in this and any action that attempts to cast the company today with a light of the past.”

That “past” has been reported on these pages multiple times, beginning when a Wall Street Journal expose reported on Steve Wynn’s alleged pattern of sexual deviancy, with reports ranging from sexual harassment to full-on sexual assault.

Wynn then resigned his position as CEO of the company amid revelations that a Vegas newspaper ‘spiked’ a similar story on the beleaguered boss 20 years ago – rival casino owner, the late Sheldon Adelson, accused of being behind the resurrection of the claims.

Schrader’s latest lawsuit contains additional claims to those previously argued in court, namely that she was “trafficked” to a “VIP guest”, who sexually assaulted her multiple times between 2016 and 2018.

A hearing has been set for October 25th to consider the dismissal motion.

Meanwhile, Steve Wynn himself is still facing a lawsuit that sees him stand accused of acting as an agent for China in an extra-judicial extradition attempt, with the US Department of Justice looking to have him register as a foreign agent for his actions.

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