xQc Loses $500K on World Cup Final Bet

21 Dec

Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has lost half a million dollars betting on France to win the FIFA World Cup. The Canadian gamer tweeted his betting slip to his 1.4 million followers, confident that his highstakes bet with odds of 2.85 was an easy win.

$650K Total Losses

xQc built his following as a professional Overwatch player who later jumped on the paid gambling streams bandwagon where he would bet fortunes on slots and other games before the recent ban.

He clearly still enjoys a flutter whenever he can and isn’t afraid to bet big bucks on a sport he’s passionate about.

Although the $500,000 bet on France didn’t come in, there were other smaller bets throughout the event that led to a total loss for the FIFA World Cup of $650,000. Not exactly chump change.

At one point in the game, France was still trailing but xQc was able to cash out for $5,000, explaining to his audience that the bet only counted up to the end of extra time and not including the result of a penalty shootout.

“Yes, I shouldn’t have cashed out. But at the same time, you guys need to understand that it didn’t matter in the end because now at this point I already lost. Me and Train’s bet was for a win at 90 minutes plus extra time. We are past that, now we are going to overtime. So, that doesn’t matter anymore. I would have lost regardless.”

More Complaints

When Twitch decided to do something about the degenerate gambling streams spreading through the platform, xQc was one of the voices who fought back, even publicly telling his followers Twitch that he could circumvent the ban by simply not showing the banned site URL.

Now that he has put his head above the parapet once again with this $500K bet, there were even more calls to include sports betting in the ban. Luckily no poker players appear to have brought any heat on our community, which is perhaps surprising given the degeneracy of some bets we have seen in the past.

Of course, there was also a minority who took great delight in mocking xQc for losing such a massive amount of money.
One even posted a similar betting slip showing somebody’s wager on Argentina for $1,000,000.

The real question everyone wants answering is did this bet take place on Stake where xQc is said to be sponsored and might not be playing with real money. This is a cynical view but in the gambling world we never know. Stake is one of the sites that was banned from Twitch and will be happy it can still make its brand felt for a while longer.

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