1/ST RACING Launches Coast to Coast Pick 5 Bet at Gulfstream and Santa Anita

Starting on Saturday, Jan. 7, 1/ST RACING will offer a new multi-race wager showcasing the best action at two of the marquee racetracks in North America.

The Coast to Coast Pick 5, offered every Saturday and Sunday through April 9, features five total races selected from 1/ST tracks Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita Park. Players must pick the winners in each of the five races, which will be chosen based on their betting appeal.

The Coast to Coast Pick 5 has a $1 minimum base and an attractive 15 percent takeout, lower than the usual Pick 5. Plus, if there’s no winning ticket, 100 percent of the pool is carried over to the next day’s (Sunday or the following Saturday) Coast to Coast Pick 5. There are no consolation payouts.

Bet the Coast to Coast Pick 5 at the track, OTB, or ADW sites such as 1/STbet.com. Look for “Coast to Coast P5” in multi-race wagers.