2022 Formula 1 Drivers and Constructors Championship Betting Update

It is never a good idea to start making bold predictions after just a couple of weeks of the season, but we have to say that what is happening in F1 right now is more than a little unexpected. We are not just talking about the driver standings either, as the constructor standings at the moment are also a little surprising. There is still an awful lot of racing to come, so no one really believes that what we are seeing now will stay the same all the way through the rest of the season. However, momentum built up early very often has a way of carrying over. If that happens, then we might be in for a treat this season. With all of that in mind, we thought it might be fun to look at the current odds as they stand right now so you can bet against the Formula 1 Championship Odds.

After Saudi Arabian GP: Odds to Win Drivers and Constructors Championships | F1 Betting

Driver Championship Odds

One of the biggest questions coming into the new season was how Max Verstappen (-145) would react to some of the blow back that he received after his controversial championship win last season. There had to have been some concerns after the opening race of the year in Bahrain, with Verstappen failing to finish. Any doubts that fans might have had were subsequently put to rest when he came out and won in Saudi Arabia last weekend.

The biggest surprise of the season through the opening two races has been the performance of Charles Leclerc (+124). It would have been easy to shrug off his win in the opening race as a bit of a fluke, but a 2nd place finish in Saudi Arabia might well be the proof we need that he is in this thing for the long haul. He is one to keep an eye on this season.

Another surprise has to be how Lewis Hamilton (+660) has started the season. After an offseason filled with uncertainty about his future in the sport, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that he is off to a slow start. I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

Constructor Championship Odds

One driver that we didn’t talk about in the driver odds is Carlos Sainz, but he also has to be considered to be in the mix for a championship based on his early performances. He does get a mention here, though, as he and Leclerc both race for Ferrari (-172) and are sitting at 1 and 2 in the driver standing right now.

To win a constructor championship, it takes solid performances from both drivers. Verstappen might singlehandedly keep Red Bull Racing (-109) in the hunt, but he is going to need to see more from Sergio Perez if they are to stay the favorite and overtake Ferrari in the coming weeks.

Are the issues that Hamilton is seeing in the first coupe of weeks a sign that he is rusty or is it a sign that Mercedes (+480) might be about to take a backward step? I wouldn’t get too concerned just yet, as Hamilton and teammate George Russell are sitting in the top 5. If Hamilton gets hot, we might just see the odds for Mercedes to win shorten a little.


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