After Interim Period, FSB Keeps Adam Smith as CEO

The global iGaming and sports betting business-to-business (B2B) supplier, FSB, announced that his interim chief executive officer (CEO), Adam Smith, has assumed a full-time role with the company. It was back in December 2022 when Smith was selected as interim CEO.

Now, after a successful three-month interim period, FSB confirmed that Smith will assume the CEO role full-time. The senior-level change came at a time when the company sought to expand its global presence by entering North America, a strategic iGaming market.

The long-awaited entry was completed via a deal with one of the company’s long-term partners, Fitzdares. This collaboration saw the B2B supplier expand its global footprint by entering the regulated gambling market in Ontario, Canada, a market that is identified as one of the most lucrative ones for the region.

In the role of CEO, Smith will oversee the company’s growth and continuous expansion. Previously, FSB confirmed its plans to continue to enhance its presence in strategic markets such as Africa, and mainland Europe, including UK and Ireland, as well as Canada.

Smith Is Excited to Lead FSB

Commenting on the topic, Smith said that it is exciting to take the CEO role full-time at FSB. Moreover, he said that the company has significant potential for growth. Smith acknowledged that FSB’s platform delivers innovative technology which makes the company an invaluable partner for customers in the gaming sector.

“Taking full-time charge of FSB is a great thrill for me.“

Adam Smith, CEO at FSB

After the company’s entry into North America, Smith predicted that FSB will continue to expand throughout the region this year by leveraging strong products and growth strategies. “Working closely with our committed private equity partners, Clairvest, I’m hugely energized to accelerate the growth of our award-winning company,” said the new CEO in conclusion.

“We are delighted that Adam has agreed to come onboard as full-time CEO effective immediately.“

Mohit Kansal, managing director at Clairvest

Mohit Kansal, Clairvest’s managing director, added that the company is excited to see Smith become a full-time CEO of FSB. He explained that in only a few months, Smith has shown strong engagement with the company’s management team. Finally, Kansal said that Clairvest is looking forward to collaborating further with FSB and Smith.

Before joining FSB, Smith held the role of UK MD and group Board member at a leading consultancy and technology company in Europe. His extensive background experience includes leadership-level roles with multiple companies.