College Basketball Top Ten Update – Odds – Value

March 8, 2023

The madness is just about upon us as teams wind down their regular season schedules. The conference tournaments will be a mere formality for many teams looking to get to the big dance and win it all. Winning a conference tournament is nice and all but it is not the true goal of any one of the top college basketball teams in the country.  In fact, in the last 20 season, the NCAA College Basketball National Champion failed to win their conference 11 times. You can the results below:

NCAAB Last 20 National Champions

2022 Kansas Won Big 12
2021 Baylor Lost Big 12 semi
2019 Virginia Lost ACC semi
2018 Villanova Won Big East
2017 North Carolina Lost ACC semifinals
2016 Villanova Lost Big East finals
2015 Duke Lost ACC semi
2014 UConn Lost AAC finals
2013 Louisville Won Big East
2012 Kentucky Lost SEC finals
2011 UConn Won Big East
2010 Duke Won ACC
2009 North Carolina Lost ACC semi
2008 Kansas Won Big 12
2007 Florida Won SEC
2006 Florida Won SEC
2005 North Carolina Lost ACC semi
2004 UConn Won Big East
2003 Syracuse Lost Big East semi
2002 Maryland Lost ACC semifinals


Current NCAA Rankings with Futures Odds

If you are going to pick your national championship futures winner, now may be as good as a time as any. If you look at the table below there is still some value left to be had. Based on current ranking, there is futures value on Kansas, Purdue & Marquette. Their ranking and record are better than what their odds seem to indicate.

-odds by

Rank Team Straight Up Odds
1 Houston 29-2 +600
2 UCLA 27-4 +900
3 Kansas 25-6 +1000
4 Alabama 26-5 +750
5 Purdue 26-5 +1200
6 Marquette 25-6 +3300
7 Texas 23-8 +2500
8 Arizona 25-6 +1800
9 Gonzaga 26-5 +2000
10 Baylor 22-9 +2000


You probably already know that many of the teams in the top ten have already won a national championship because they have a long storied championship history (UCLA for example), but what about some of these other teams? We answer those questions individually below:

Has Houston Ever Won a College Basketball National Title?

No. They came very close back in the early 80’s when they had Clyde “The Glide” Drexler and Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. They were runners up in 1983-84.

Has Alabama Ever Won a College Basketball National Title?

No. They have lots of football championships but zero basketball championships. They have made the Sweet 16 eight times however.

Has Purdue Ever Won a College Basketball National Title?

No. But they have made two Final Four appearances.

Has Marquette Ever Won a College Basketball National Title?

Yes. They were national champions once, back in 1977.

Has Texas Ever Won a College Basketball National Title?

No. Despite their success in college basketball they have not been able to pull off the big one.


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