Apestyles Loses His YouTube Channel

15 Feb

Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet has been searching for a solution to the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of his YouTube channel. Despite spending two days attempting to recover his thousands of hours of poker gameplay and study materials, he remains locked out of his account.


Apestyles, an ACR Team Pro with $21,325,394 in online tournament winnings, has expressed his growing frustration at the lack of explanation and support from YouTube, and his situation has prompted other content creators to voice their concerns on social media.

The fear of having their accounts deleted or banned without explanation has left poker content creators feeling vulnerable and uncertain about their future income streams.

The Google email address which doubles up as a YouTube login was deleted, leaving no obvious path to recovery. Apestyles was then told if the account has been deleted using the advanced settings it will have been wiped from Google’s system entirely.

Recent moves to ban slots gambling content on Twitch have left some poker creators wondering if they could be next on the chopping block.

The loss of an established account can have a devastating impact on content creators, and the prospect of having to rebuild their community from scratch is a daunting prospect. In the worst-case scenario, it may not be worth the effort if the creator lives in constant fear of another unexplained deletion.

The poker community cannot afford to lose valued creators who provide entertainment and instructional value while also introducing new players to the game. The sudden loss of their expertise and contributions could have far-reaching consequences for the poker industry as a whole.

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