Apestyles Rebuilds His Lost YouTube Channel from Scratch

20 Mar

Jon Van Fleet, AKA “Apestyles,” a legendary tournament player, ACR Pro, and content creator, recently experienced the unexpected loss of his YouTube channel, which he had spent years building up to more than 10,000 subscribers.

Van Fleet was shocked and dismayed, and despite his efforts to recover the account, he was ultimately unsuccessful. Now, he has made the difficult decision to accept the loss and start from scratch by creating a brand new channel.

Bitter Taste

Van Fleet’s experience highlights a growing problem in the world of online content creation: the difficulty of communicating with actual human beings at large corporations like YouTube. When he reached out for help, he was met with automated responses and standard recovery instructions. He was at first unable to get in touch with a real person who could help him resolve the issue, but although Twitter came to his aid, ultimately there was no way to restore the channel.
“I’m pretty bummed. Got a message from @TeamYouTube that made it pretty clear that they don’t know what’s going on with my YouTube channel nor have they spent much time looking into it. Losing years’ worth of work really sucks. Halp!”

The loss of his channel was a significant blow, both personally and professionally. He had built up a strong subscriber base and was planning to expand his content offerings. Now, he must start over from the beginning and work many more hours to regain his audience. Fortunately, Van Fleet is one of the most high-profile characters in the game, and via other social media channels he should be able to pull back his biggest supporters quickly.

Despite the setbacks, Van Fleet is determined to move forward. After announcing the creation of a new channel, he is running a giveaway to celebrate its launch, offering a 3% freeroll on his action in the Triton Super High Roller Series in Vietnam for $100,000 events.

While rebuilding his audience will take time and effort, we’re happy to see the ACR Pro remaining committed to creating high-quality content and connecting with his fans.

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