BetConstruct announces public sale of its Fasttoken cryptocurrency

Gaming technology and services provider BetConstruct has announced the official public sale of its Fasttoken, the native cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem. From January 18-20, everyone will get the chance to purchase FTNs at a fixed price of EUR 0.35, “a great opportunity to purchase FTNs early on and get it at an estimated price.”

Before being available to the public, FTN has already had a number of updates. First and foremost, Fasttoken is going to be on the list of official cryptocurrencies on BetConstruct’s network. More than 70 iGaming developers have already included FTN as one of the accepted cryptocurrencies on their platforms, notes the company. The token has also recently passed an ERC-20 and smart-contract distribution audit from CertiK, a blockchain security pioneer; and Hexens, a cybersecurity solutions company.

“Fasttoken plans to partner with even more providers in the future, so each player can use their FTNs on their preferred platform,” the company said. “Make sure to use the greatest opportunity to be one of the firsts to jump on the train and get your FTNs at a very beneficial rate.”

“FTN is the official cryptocurrency of Fastex ecosystem and the native token of the Fastex Chain developed and curated by leading tech giant SoftConstruct,” Fasttoken’s website describes. “With SoftConstruct’s vast network, over 1 million active users, and 700 partners all over the globe, FTN will have numerous real-world use cases from day 1 implying high organic growth.”

Acquirement, growth, and happiness! This is our motto for 2023. We are pleased to announce that 𝗭𝗲𝘂𝘀𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘆 is the next leading #provider, which is planning to add #FTN to the list of supported #cryptocurrencies.
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— BetConstruct (@BetConstruct) January 11, 2023

The past week, BetConstruct also confirmed that gaming solutions provider Zeus Play is planning to add FTN to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. The company will adopt the coin during Q1, 2023. It joins other companies such as BETER Live, BGaming, and Fugaso in adopting Fasttoken.

This week, the company launched its brand new Content Management System Pro, which offers improved digital content management options and “simple, flexible and scalable solutions for the iGaming world.”

Managed via a single tool, the operations demand fewer resources, making the process cost-effective and more efficient, says the company. It provides an entirely adjustable Configs module with functional settings such as global or skin configs, all based on the partners’ preferences and individual requirements.