BETEGY’s Creative Studio to Improve Marketing Campaigns

Provider of marketing technology BETEGY announced the launch of a new feature on its platform aimed at companies operating in sports betting, online casino and sports media sectors.

Automation and Personalization

The new feature added to BETEGY’s ad scaling and automation platform, Creative Studio, connects marketers’ assets with live data by identifying dynamic fields in the assets and delivering them to media outlets, utilizing a personalized system.

Creative Studio comes with language localization, geo-compliance and built-in analytics functions and BETEGY’s chief executive officer Alex Kornilov believes it has the potential to turn into a game changer for the industry.

“Creative Studio will take industry campaigns to the next level, ensuring any marketing department which deploys our platform will have a true edge over the market,” Kornilov commented, highlighting its ease of use and personalization capabilities that allow “with just a few clicks” tailored marketing campaigns “to reach a personalized and segmented set of demographics.”

Designed to increase engagement and drive incentives for participation for the target audiences, Creative Studio is equally effective when targeting demographics based on their preference for a sports team, or when adjusting to a fixture of the sporting calendar throughout the year.

It identifies dynamic fields of the inputted ad using automation to feed all campaign elements, including dynamic data such as odds, sports stats and personalized information, and once ad assets are scaled, the platform automatically exports its end product to programmatic platforms, affiliates and direct media outlets through an Amazon Web Services server capable of handling high traffic.

Localization and Geolocation

To make sure all the content that is deployed from one centralized source is compliant with multiple jurisdictions and laws, Creative Studio includes language localization and geolocation features, and its in-built analytics provides feedback to help marketers keep track of campaign success and reach.

Empowering marketers with data-driven and fully personalized banner campaigns and video ads, the new feature of BETEGY’s platform is expected to increase click-through rates and view-through conversions after a closed experiment conducted by the company showed encouraging results.

Providing marketing services across digital, retail and broadcast channels, BETEGY caters to the needs of its clients, including high-profile sports betting brands such as Parimatch, Unibet, Tipico and Sportsbet, online poker operators World Series of Poker (WSOP) and PokerGO, as well as sports magazine Kicker.

The marketing technology provider received industry recognition for two years in a row after winning the 2021 EGR Award for Innovation in Sports Betting and the 2022 SBC Award for Innovation of the Year.