Casino Kidnap Caper Ends in Jailtime for One of the Criminals

A man kidnapped from a casino in Maryland last year is still recovering from the incident. However, he will get a little satisfaction watching his abductors head to jail. The US Attorney’s Office of Maryland announced Friday that a DC man had pleaded guilty to participating in the kidnapping and subsequent robbery of the victim.

Welcome to Your New Home

Officials announced that Christopher Allen Young, 26, pleaded guilty to conspiring to kidnap. The casino’s name was not revealed. Erek L. Barron, US Attorney for the District of Maryland, announced the plea along with FBI agents.

Prosecutors said that Young and the government had agreed to a sentence for Young of 126 months in federal jail if he pleaded guilty.

Young accepted and laid out the events of the day. He explained that two co-conspirators met the victim at the casino on February 3 of last year. The three promised the victim they would “get women” for him if he accompanied them to Southeast DC.

The victim was enticed and got into a vehicle along with the two individuals. They called Young, who then called another of the gang to tell him that the two had “snatched” their victim. They all then discussed robbing the man.

Young stated that he would divide the proceeds from the robbery with the other three. He allegedly added that, if the victim were to get combative, he would punish him violently.

Coerced into Compliance

Prosecutors said that one of the conspirators pointed a gun at the victim when the car reached its destination. The co-conspirators then demanded the code to the safe in the victim’s hotel room and hit him with the gun.

Young’s plea agreement states that two co-conspirators were captured on tape leaving the victim’s hotel with a backpack, roller suitcase, and a laptop. The suitcase contained “an Xbox, at most $1,500 in MGM Casino Chips, and approximately $6,000 cash.”

According to estimates, the victim lost approximately $8,000 in property from the room. The victim was left in the boiler room alone after the theft was completed.

Two of the co-conspirators returned to the hotel while Young and the fourth individual led the victim to the boiler room of an apartment building. The two then threatened the victim’s life and attacked him.

Young and his accomplice were seen leaving the area near the boiler room the night of the incident. They got into Young’s car and drove away. The man was later found in the boiler room and subsequently treated for a broken nose and other injuries.

The status of the others involved hasn’t been revealed.