CMS Platforms Benefit from Flexia Cashless Technology

Flexia is a Fintech company that delivers cashless solutions for the growing global gaming industry. The company’s unique solutions can be integrated via casino management systems (CMS) platforms, which provide a unique advantage for partner operators. In a recent interview for CDC Gaming Reports, Flexia’s president, Scott Walker and the company’s CEO, Craig Libson, shared insight about the future plans and the growth of cashless solutions.

Cashless Holds Significant Potential for Growth

Walker explained that approximately 1% of the casinos in the United States are cashless. This, according to him, represents a unique growth opportunity for Flexia as the company specializes in this exact type of solution. What’s more, Walker predicted that this year, cashless solutions are undoubtedly going to increase their popularity.

Libson added that throughout 2022, Flexia has been expanding its business relationships with CMS platforms and helping them integrate the company’s leading software. He said that this strategic process is now completed, which means that Flexia’s technology is now expected to reach new casinos.

“There’s a greenfield out there we can harvest, and we expect to gain a lot of traction with multiple casino properties over 2023.“

Scott Walker, president at Flexia

Working with CMS Platforms Instead of Competing

The company’s leading Wallet as a Service technology combined with a CMS solution brings unique cashless capabilities for casino operators. Libson pointed out that although cashless technology is complex, Flexia’s software helps ease the process. “There’s the onboarding, compliance, integration, branding and access to data,” he pointed out. At the same time, Libson acknowledged that Flexia’s Wallet as a Service solution combines those efforts which ultimately benefit the operators.

According to Libson, Flexia has undergone changes toward “a more collaborative approach to the market.” He said that previously, it looked like the company competed with CMS platforms but now, Flexia has changed its approach and focuses on adding benefits to the platforms and empowering them with technology.

“It’s much easier to tailor a solution in coordination with these casino platforms rather than be in competition with them,” said Libson. What’s unique in this case is that Flexia doesn’t demand to be the only solution, but rather focuses on offering the best service. This, Libson said, enables casino platforms to select the solution that fits their needs best. Currently, Flexia has existing deals with leading CMS providers such as Win Systems and Aristocrat, to name a few. Still, the company constantly expands its portfolio of partners and plans further growth in 2023.