Different Cultures, Different Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods the differences between the Asian continent, specifically Japan as the main gaming market in Asia, and the European continent are more than evident in many different categories. From customs, family or gastronomy to aspects as important as the payment methods used in online shopping and, of course, in casinos and online gambling sites.

Popular Payment Methods by Region

Many of the payment methods specialized in gambling-related transactions are popular in some specific countries, as they are usually created according to the needs and customs of each of the countries where they operate, grouping similar interests and customs of countries with similar traditions.

Therefore, it is normal that many of the European countries share some of the most popular payment methods, especially if they have licenses at European level that allow them to offer their services within any member country. On the other hand, it is normal for Asian countries to share some of the most popular payment methods. For example, in Japan it is very common for users to use payment methods such as Paypay. In fact, in this particular case we have a very striking peculiarity: it has a European license, but one of the countries where it is most popular is on the other side of the world, Japan. What’s more, despite being a company based on the Portuguese island of Madeira, it is not a well-known payment method in most of Europe.

For its part, Europe is one of the markets that makes most use of physical banks for online shopping and, of course, for online casino sites. This is evidenced by the huge expansion of most of the major European banks across the continent. This is the case, for example, with the German Deutsche Bank (which reports to the ECB), which has a presence in many countries across Europe. Payment by credit or debit card is very common among European casino players, so it is normal that we see the differences with respect to countries like Japan where we observe a great specialization in terms of casino payment methods, using specialized payment methods for gambling transactions.

In some countries it is difficult to obtain a bank card, but in Europe in general it is quite simple and common for everyone to have a debit card from their bank, so it is normal that it is one of the most popular payment methods as it is one of the most easily accessible payment methods.

Different Casino Games

If the payment methods used are different, so are the types of casino games preferred by Asian and European players, the former being card game lovers. However, card games are not so popular in casinos oriented to the European market, as they prefer games with a higher potential for high prizes, such as online slots.

With all this it is clear that the different societies, which are different in their day to day lives in many aspects, are also different when it comes to online gambling, showing very different interests and customs.