Doug Polk Loses $200K Body Fat Prop Bet to Bill Perkins

18 Feb

Doug Polk’s valiant effort to cut half his body fat in a year narrowly failed, costing the Upswing Poker boss $200,000 in his prop bet with Bill Perkins.

It was actually a week ago that Polk’s year-long attempt to cut 50% of his body fat ended, the co-owner of the Lodge Poker House in Round Rock, Texas tweeting out the plan:

“Today is weigh in day for my 200k bet with @bp22. Will be taking a scan at 130 pm. Going to be razor thin either way. Will film getting the scan. Considering how to post results, leaning towards a YT video. Either way will be offline for a day or two before posting results.” The challenge dates back to this time last year, when Polk shared news of his big-money prop bet with Perkins.

The comments on twitter from that day made the challenge sound like a shoo-in for Polk, with Perkins satating:

“Should be super-easy” and Max Silver among those agreeing: “Went from 33 to 14ish during pullup bet, should be trivial.”

Perkins, of course, loves to bet when the downside for him is a healthy upside for his opponent, two famous prop bets with the Staples brothers involving weight loss/gain and fat loss.

Perkins even recommended a trainer when the going was tough halfway through the bet, with Polk having fired various personal trainers and nutritionists.

Polk told PokerNews that he initially found himself surrounded by “a lot of people (paid to help me trim body fat) that either didn’t know what they were doing or were just trying to keep their job.”

He added:

“I reached the point where I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands. So I fired everybody and did it myself.”

That seemed to do the trick, Polk confessing:

“Since August, my progress has been really good. I’ve just been dropping pounds steadily every month.”

The weight loss part of his approach saw him shed 30 lbs during the challenge, but he couldn’t quite make the body fat change in time, missing out by just over 1%.

“I’m in the best shape of my life,” Polk claimed, and it’s hard to argue with pics of his ripped physique, although his bank balance may not be best pleased.

Meanwhile, a prop bet of a different nature hit the headlines last month, with Dan “Jungleman” Cates and Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov planning on some highstakes fisticuffs!

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