Drunk Player Burns Through $43k in Live Stream Game at The Lodge

16 May

Playing poker while drunk is never a good idea but yet people still fail to take notice on a daily basis. What we don’t see every day, though, is somebody making this error on a live stream while playing high stakes!

Towards the end of April, a player called Adam, who was more than a little intoxicated, burned through $43,200 at The Lodge while playing in a live stream $25/$50 NL game with Doug Polk. The minimum buy-in was $10,000, setting the scene for quite some calamity.

Adam seemed happy to be splashing around, completely unperturbed with dropping stacks from his unconventional plays. Maybe he was having fun, and that’s all that matters, right?

But then the wake-up call came when Adam dropped a $31,900 pot after making a terrible call with bottom pair against a huge overbet on the flop. Take a look at the compilation video below for a full review of Adam’s drunken session.

Incredibly, dropping the $31,900 pot didn’t deter him from trying to make a comeback because he persevered for about another hour before deciding that $43,200 was enough of a loss for one day.

Live poker clubs in the Lone Star state have been under some pressure in recent months, with indications from officials that they intend to shut down the industry they consider illegal. Dallas clubs in particular are facing a tough future.

Many more videos like the one above and the job of defending the clubs will become a lot more difficult!

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