Esports Technologies Launched Platform

Esports Technologies, a leading provider of esports betting products and technologies, announced in a press release today the launch of an affiliate program running on the company’s platform.

Enticing Future Affiliates

The global provider of esports wagering solutions is looking to engage with business partners by launching its platform and offering them commission-based earnings as per the amounts of confirmed deposits and the revenue they generated. will harness the robust intellectual property of Esports Technologies to offer a best-in-class wagering experience that consistently optimizes conversion and retention, generating maximum revenue for our affiliate partners.”

Michael Holm, Affiliate Director, Esports Technologies

Affiliation to Esports Technologies will ensure its partners a secure and reliable wagering solution that combines industry-leading odds with enticing promotions and opportunities for cross-selling, on top of the commission earnings.

We are excited to welcome affiliate partners from all over the world, and we look forward to working with them in a way that’s mutually beneficial.”

Michael Holm, Affiliate Director, Esports Technologies

Esports Technologies said its affiliation program offers customized commission plans that are tailored to specific wagering verticals like casino, esports and sports, while the company’s quantitative resources in analytics will make sure bettors have competitive industry odds and support across multiple betting markets in over 140 jurisdictions. will provide a thriving wagering ecosystem for its affiliate partners and their customers, keeping players engaged via enticing promotions on a weekly and monthly basis, while for new customer acquisitions and returning players, the affiliation program will offer free-to-play opportunities.

To make all this happen, Esports Technologies already established strategic business partnerships and alliances with NBA’s Utah Jazz star Jordan Clarkson to make him a brand ambassador, as well as Grammy Nominee, entrepreneur, investor, executive and author Clinton Sparks, who joined in a strategic advisory capacity.

Innovation is Part of Esports Technologies’ DNA

Constantly innovating, developer of wagering products for esports fans and bettors around the world, Esports Technologies recently filed for a patent related to its multiplayer battle games and the discrete probability distribution modeling system, which generates all possible outcomes for teams and individual players.

Filing for a patent application was nothing new for the esports products and technology supplier, which filed four applications in the past six months alone, looking to protect its intellectual property.

In June, Esports Technologies filed a patent covering its proprietary live streaming technology that allows sports and esports wagering integration across most of the popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Hulu and others.

At the end of August, the company filed for a patent covering its artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology that generates odds models applicable to a betting algorithm in esports tournaments and on various stages of tournaments.

Earlier this month, Esports Technologies filed another patent application, this time for its innovative betting exchange system that, according to the company, “would substantially elevate the esports wagering experience for high-volume bettors and traders.”