FDJ Adds New Locations to Grassroots Sport Scheme 

FDJ Adds New Locations to Grassroots Sport Scheme 

Française des Jeux (FDJ) has revealed a series of fresh sporting facilities in Montargis. The new locations will be used to further promote grassroots sports in the country as part of an initiative called “Gaining Ground.” The scheme was launched in May 2022 and it was created to stimulate citizens to get more actively involved in sports while providing funds for opening fresh facilities and sports and new.

FDJ and Partners Plan to Support 50 Communities by 2024

“Gaining Ground” reunites France’s National Sports Agency, FDJ, and Paris 2024, an organization that was set up in anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympic Games. The program is used to target those French municipalities that have already joined “Terre de Jeux 2024,” a national program with similar goals to transform the daily lives of people with the help of sport. 

FDJ is expected to support approximately 50 different local communities by the year 2024 together with its partners. The people in the Tremblay-en-France area are already benefiting from the support of the program.

Montargis is, therefore, the second beneficiary of the program. The commune is located in the Loiret department and it has already been given a versatile podium that can be used for several different activities, an athletics track featuring a solar chronometer, and a series of active elements of design. 

QR Codes to Sport Education Videos 

QR codes have been attached to all pieces of equipment, with links to a series of education videos presented by former boxer and Olympic silver medalist Sarah Ourahmoune. The fresh facilities were officially presented during a ceremony attended by Mayor Benoit Digeon and FDJ’s Loiret and Eure-et-Loir manager Laure Demeure.

FDJ also donated $1.23 million together with Fondation du Patrimoine to YMCA Paris. The money will be used for an upcoming restoration project of the venue that is home to the oldest basketball court on the planet. In March, FDJ’s sports betting brand Parions Sport signed an important three-year PSG sponsorship deal. FDJ is currently negotiating to purchase ZEturf Group, a brand that specializes in horse racing and betting. These negotiations are part of FDJ’s plans to add new verticals to its offering, including horse race betting and poker games.

FDJ proved it remained the country’s undisputed premium operator when it published its H1 results, showing the company’s lottery operations are still going strong in spite of the growing operating costs.