Fist Fight at Hustler Casino Ends with Poker Player Tased by Security

Fist Fight at Hustler Casino Ends with Poker Player Tased by Security

07 May

“He hit me first!” is usually heard when a teacher breaks up a school playground fight, but this week it was the Hustler Casino and a tasered patron that witnessed the line after a brawl involving insults, fists, and a table over the head!

Bruh cracked him good with that table 😳🤯

— GrindFace TV ( (@grindfacetv_) May 4, 2022

“Just another day at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California,” wrote one poker Twitter fan after viewing the unseemly brawl, sparked when one of the two arguing men insulted the other man’s mother.

“Yo’ mama”, was the phrase that turned an expletive-laden argument in the poker room into an ugly brawl, punches thrown and missed before things got really serious.

One of the men runs to lift a table and returns to smash it over the head of his assailant, before a security guard appears and uses a taser to fell the table-wielding patron.

That’s when the “He hit me first!” appeal is sounded, the taser having very little effect on the man beyond scaring him to the floor.

Meanwhile, the man assaulted with the table can be seen clutching his head, though it’s not known how bad his injuries are.

It’s far from the first time that the Hustler Casino poker room, once the haunt of infamous owner, porn publisher and free speech advocate, Larry Flynt, has hit the headlines recently.

Earlier this week, Phil Hellmuth was berated online for allegedly angleshooting during a livestreamed cash game with relative newbies to the world of poker.

Phil Hellmuth is a scumbag

— Thomas Keeling (@SrslySirius) May 2, 2022

Back in February there was actual cheating going on during the livestreamed game, with Julio “Skillsrocks” Cedillo banned for rubbernecking an opponent’s hands and attempting to collude with another player.

Poker Cheater Caught Looking at Opponents Cards! via @YouTube

— Alex Duvall (@alexduvallin) February 3, 2022

The cardroom is home to some of the most interesting and enjoyable livestreamed poker around, with its Hustler Casino Live show, recently featuring Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

However, it has some previous for violence to go along with the cheating and controversy, with co-owner of the poker room, Nick Vertucci, involved in an altercation last year.

Vertucci clashed with Jerry, known as “the whale”, after taking too long during a hand, the clock called much to Vertucci’s disgust.

“Are you out of your fucking mind? There’s fucking $12k in there, I’m trying to make a decision,” exploded Vertucci, adding: “Dude, you’re way out of line…I don’t care how big of a fucking whale you are!”

A brief agreement to keep clear of each other quickly fell apart as Vertucci retorted:

“We have another agreement, fuck you!”

That jibe saw Jerry launch himself at Vertucci and chaos ensued, although nobody actually got hit in the melee.

What’s next to come out of the Hustler? Whatever it is, good, bad or ugly, we’ll be sure to bring you the best of the action right here on PokerTube!

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