Frost Speaks Out After Bullying Ban: ‘If I Allowed It To Happen I’d Be Going Back On Everything I Stand For’  – Horse Racing News

Top female national hunt jockey Bryony Frost opened up to The Sun on Tuesday, speaking to the media for the first time since the British Horseracing Authority issued an 18-month ban to jockey Robbie Dunne for bullying and harassment.

Frost revealed the reasoning behind her decision to take the bullying matter to the BHA.

“In the end it came down to two things,” Frost told The Sun. “There was the point of I don’t believe anyone should make anyone feel that way, that you’re not worthy of being who you are.

“And the main one was I wouldn’t be a decent human being if I one day saw someone go through what I did, knowing I could have done something to prevent it happening again.

“If I allowed it to happen I’d be going back on everything I stand for in my own rules of life, how you treat people. I didn’t want to see anyone go through what I did.”

Over the course of the five-day hearing into Dunne’s conduct, Frost’s representative Louis Weston told the panel that Dunne had used “foul, sexually abusive and misogynistic language” toward Frost as well as threats to “cause her serious physical harm.”

Dunne’s representative Roderick Moore argued that other female jockeys had not spoken out about malevolent behavior from Dunne.

Dunne gave testimony during the second week, arguing that when he said he would “put her through a wing,” he didn’t mean it as a threat.

Reactions across the racing industry have been heavily mixed, and Frost hopes to find some sense of normalcy moving forward.

“I just want to enjoy my riding, I want to move forward. . . I just want to be me,” she told The Sun.

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