Hot Wings & Hooters Sports Betting • This Week in Gambling

Restaurant chains can be known for many things, but Hooters sports betting is probably not the first thing you think of when you hear the brand’s name. That might be changing, though. But to be honest, the popular chain isn’t going to become a bookie, and they won’t profit directly from gambling.So what’s up?

Instead of becoming an operator, Hooters simply hopes for higher profits on their products from bettors who come to bet on games, but end up staying for the food and drinks! Will it work? Well, they have already seen “promising results” from this model during the Super Bowl and March Madness!

Hooters already has deals in place with both DraftKings and PointsBet to be featured in their establishments. Right now, they are promoting sports betting at 27 locations in five states. However, they have an additional 80 locations where betting on sports is legal, so there is a lot of room for growth.

Recent comments made to Restaurant Business magazine quote Hooters CEO, Sal Melilli, as saying Hooters is an experience that’s a “natural fit” for sports betting partners. He added “Our benefit is… already being a leader in the sports bar world being able to add to the experience for the consumer.”

So, with Hooters sports betting becoming a real thing, will all those televisions lining the walls turn to gambling content? Some… maybe.

“The biggest opportunity is definitely more states coming online. That’s really where it’s at. We’ve already got the model built, our franchisees are already on board. So we have a mix today of corporate and franchisees,” the executive noted in the interview. “So as more states come on, that’s just nothing but opportunity.”