Illinois Casinos Win $1.1 Billion From Players In 2021

It was a strong 2021 for retail casinos in the state of Illinois.

Per figures from the Illinois Gaming Control Board, the properties won $1,187,308,323 off of guests across the year, up significantly from 2020.

The 11 casinos saw 7,684,535 in combined admissions during 2021, generating $296,763,261 from table games and $890,545,062 from the machines.

The state’s share was $248,688,721, while the local share was $67,022,120.

The Grand Victoria Casino was tops in the state with $143,262,740 in total winnings.

Additionally, the Illinois casinos and their respective tech partners won more than $70 million off sports bets in the year. A precise figure hasn’t yet been released.

According to figures from the American Gaming Association, Illinois casinos won $743,407,000 off gamblers in 2020 and $1,354,404,565 in 2019.

Also per the AGA, the market called Chicagoland, which includes casinos in Northwest Indiana, generated $1.12 billion in gaming win in 2020. That moved the Chicgaoland market to fourth best in the U.S., down from the third spot.

The Baltimore-Washington DC casino market, which trails only Las Vegas and Atlantic City, generated $1.31 billion in gaming win in 2020, and it will likely be ahead of Chicagoland again with Maryland casinos recently reporting record revenue.