Inspired to Supply Betfred with New Machines

Inspired Entertainment, a leading B2B provider of gambling machines, will provide the UK-based gambling operator Betfred with new machines. Per the agreement, the supplier will arm the operator with 5,000 new Vantage cabinets.

Inspired to Supply Betfred with Cabinets

The new five-year deal will see Betfred-owned venues equipped with state-of-the-art Vantage machines. The machines in question are the newest gambling cabinets introduced into Inspired’s acclaimed VLT family. The new machines will be installed across Betfred’s 1,400 shops in the United Kingdom.

As announced by Inspired Entertainment, the Vantage cabinets are powered by an intelligent operating system that includes many cutting-edge features. It also boasts a user-friendly menu with functionalities that provide players with recommendations based on their gaming behavior.

Under the deal, Inspired will also provide support to Betfred’s existing terminals, helping the company remain competitive. The agreement includes remote and field tech support plus platform and content development.

The Two Parties Are Thrilled to Join Forces

Betfred, which is a company with over 50 years of experience in the betting market, will greatly benefit from this deal, which will help it modernize its content offering. Its group chief operating officer, Mark Stebbings, commented on the new deal, calling Inspired a trusted key supplier.

Stebbings noted that his team is pleased to be working together with the provider as it continues its quest to provide its customers with the best possible experiences. The CEO is sure that the fresh Vantage cabinets, which impressed his team, will excite players just as much,

We have been impressed with Vantage’s results and we are excited for our customers to enjoy Inspired’s best-in-class innovative technology, hardware and content.

Mark Stebbings, COO, Betfred

Meanwhile, Brook Pierce, Inspired Entertainment’s president and chief operating officer, labeled the current agreement a “milestone contract” for his company. He noted that this single deal will secure it the largest UK betting shop customer estate for the next five years.

Speaking about the new terminals, Pierce said that his team is happy with how the new machines are performing.

We are extremely pleased with the results of our new Vantage terminal, which Betfred has agreed to purchase as part of this contract, and we expect that arrangement to be the norm for our LBO customers going forward.

Brook Pierce, president and COO, Inspired Entertainment

In other news, Inspired Entertainment was recently readying up to purchase PlayAGS in a historic deal. Unfortunately, the latter company turned down the proposal at the very last moment. As a result, PlayAGS’ shares experienced a noticeable decline.