Joey Mulinaro Has ‘A Stake in Stardom’ But Who is This New Owner?

As a part of America’s Best Racing’s “A Stake in Stardom” initiative, we’re partnering with West Point Thoroughbreds to provide brand ambassadors an ownership stake in an up-and-coming racehorse participating in the 2022 circuit.

One such ambassador is Joey Mulinaro, former Barstool Sports contributor, impressionist, and digital content creator. Best known for his hilarious impressions of cultural icons like Nick Saban, Jimmy Fallon, and Colin Cowherd, Joey is taking his talents to horse racing to capture a behind-the-scenes look at one horse’s journey from rookie to potential superstar.

With total access to Joey and his racehorse Vinco, fans will be able to experience the sport, its players (from jockeys to trainers and more), and the exhilarating life of a world-class Thoroughbred.

Welcome to Thoroughbred racing! You are officially a co-owner in 3-year-old raceshorse, Vinco, thanks to Terry Finley and West Point Thoroughbreds. What are you looking forward to most about being a racehorse owner?

The pageantry and the competition. I’m a very passionate guy and love to throw my whole heart behind anything I’m involved in, so I can’t wait to cheer Vinco on! (Read more about Vinco here.)

Vinco’s next race is Saturday, Feb. 19 at the Fair Ground Race Course in New Orleans, La., right in the middle of Mardi Gras. Will you be there to experience it live?

That’s the plan. Can’t wait.

What interests you the most about Thoroughbred racing?

I’d say again the pageantry and history followed by the entertainment value that gambling on Thoroughbred racing brings.

Are you already an experienced sports gambler? What’s the biggest bet you ever hit?

I’m a casual to regular gambler. The biggest bet I’ve ever hit was actually the 2019 Kentucky Derby — 65-to-1 Country House comes through! (Yes, it was a technicality but it still paid out the same).

What interaction, if any, have you had with horse racing? Have you been to the Kentucky Derby before?

My wife worked at Indiana Grand casino in Shelbyville, Ind. for a couple years out of college. I used to regularly visit her on Saturdays at work, then stick around and bet the full card for the Saturday night races. It was a blast. I haven’t been to the Derby, but I’m hoping that changes this year.

You’ve made a name for yourself doing impressions. At what age did you realize you had a talent for impressions?

As long as I can remember, really. I’d say I’ve always been a “living room” impersonator doing bits on coaches, family members, teachers, etc., when I was a kid. Then when I was 24, 25, I started doing them online.

Who is the person you most enjoy doing an impression of? Have you ever heard from a sports figure or celebrity that you’ve impersonated?

I really enjoy doing all the impressions I do, but I’d say my favorite is my next one (to take a little from Tom Brady). What I mean is the most fun of it all is finding the next person to do an impression of and all the little study/work that goes into getting down a good impression of someone.

You have amassed a significant social media following. Is there someone who follows you that made you say, “Wow, I can’t believe this person is following me?”

Jimmy Fallon. I’ve looked up to that guy for a long time. I’ve been watching him since he was on SNL in the early 2000s all the way through being the most popular late night host on TV now. That was a big moment.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to using social media?

I just try to use it as my avenue to bring joy to people and hopefully give them a positive release if they need one.

Do you think your followers will be eager to join the horse racing community and become more involved in the sport?

Definitely! Horse racing is such an entertaining and fun sport/event. Plus, with how popular gambling has become, how can you not?

You’re a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. And because we’re all thinking about it, what do you want to see happen at the QB position?

A lot of people are down on the idea of Jimmy G, but I say give me two years of him until we find our next guy!