Lots Happening in Florida Right Now Affecting Online Gambling

Florida has been a major hotspot for various sports activities, tourist attractions, online casinos, and sports gambling activities for the past few years. However, when it comes to casinos or sports betting, Florida stands out as one of the states in the US. Following some recent legislation, the residents of Florida do not have to travel out of state to place wagers or bets for gambling. Sports betting in Florida is still strictly regulated, which means you can’t just go anywhere to gamble on anything.

For the big fans of sports betting or gambling out there planning a trip to Florida, there are key things you need to know about gambling laws, online casinos, and some other platforms for betting in the state. However, if you are a state resident, you should be naturally acquainted with the various gambling regulations. Recently, a lot has happened concerning the laws of online gambling in the state, which has brought about numerous opinions and discussions upon the new decisions made. But first, we look at how gambling has progressed in Florida, in its online casinos, and some of the gambling rules with the current updates.

Florida and the Current State of Online Gambling

The state of Florida and the Seminole Tribe concluded a new deal under the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, to agree to a new gaming stage where online casino activity and local sports betting could come together and be legalized. The Seminole Tribe supervises the Florida gaming industry, and they hoped to introduce more betting tools like online sportsbooks and retail sports betting in casinos. This gaming compact was agreed upon in April 2021.

Then on November 1st, 2021, Florida officials and the Seminole Tribe came together to announce a deal that would break open the doors of retail sports betting and online sports betting in the state. With this, the state launched an online betting platform through Hard Rock sportsbook using its mobile app a couple of days later. Unfortunately, gamblers and sports bettors were only able to bet on the Hard Rock app for about a month. This was because the app was later suspended in early December after a court ruling refused the request of the Seminole Tribe to continue online sports betting.

The Hard Rock sportsbook mobile app had to be temporarily suspended and stopped accepting deposits for bets. According to Online Casino Bluebook reviews, the application retains various player information and accounts funds while still providing withdrawal and payment methods, but no legal online betting is ongoing. The online sports betting deal ended after it was open for about a 3 and a half week period.

The argument made by the West Flagler Associates, owners of most casinos in the state, stated that it was unethical to allow Hard Rock and the Seminole Tribe to offer mobile sports betting to individuals when they are not on the tribal land. This made the federal judge overturn the Florida sports betting deal with the Seminole tribe. The court ruled that the betting plan was in total violation of the federal Indian gambling law and the Florida State constitution.

There are still many discussions and processes in the pipelines to get online sports betting legalized in Florida, but as it stands, the Hard Rock sportsbook app remains suspended.

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Although the Hard Rock sportsbook mobile app has been halted for now, gambling enthusiasts in Florida can still look forward to betting locations in venues such as American Airlines Arena in Miami and the Amway stadium in Orlando. However, most people still believe that the prior agreement should not stand due to its violations. But still, many people are hopeful that the Florida State government will approve the gaming compact with all parties involved.