Martin Zamani Tweets Evidence That Bryn Kenney Lied and More on High-Stakes Cheating Scandal

19 May

The high-stakes cheating scandal currently rocking the poker community is showing no signs of abating. Another week has seen more information come to light, with Bryn Kenney’s reputation starting to look increasingly shaky.

Chris Brewer Admits GGPoker Banned Him for RTA Use – Denies the Charge

Last week, Chris Brewer became the first high-stakes pro to speak out about his own misdeeds, and without any prompting by anyone else. The American admitted that he was banned from GGPoker and confirmed that it was for the use of real-time assistance, a charge which he denies.

He did, however, admit to the use of pre-flop charts, a charge that also cost Spanish pro Sergi Reixach his GGPoker account.

I am banned, but I did not use RTA.

— Chris Brewer (@Chris_D_Brewer) May 2, 2022

Brewer says that it would have been impossible for him to use RTA given his habit of playing MTTs, cash, PLO, and Short Deck all at the same time.

Have about 50k hands from GG. Recently ran them along with my hands from ACR in GTOwizard upon seeing @apestyles do it. That is a high number of blunders for someone who would have been cheating.

— Chris Brewer (@Chris_D_Brewer) May 2, 2022

In an attempt to provide at least some evidence that no RTA cheating was going on, Brewer posted a rudimentary analysis of 50k hands that showed a high percentage of errors. It turns out that the stats in the above tweet are close to useless because of how many PKO tourneys are played, according to Patrick Leonard.

Brewer responded with:

“Yeah no icm accounted for and lots of sizings in sims will make mistakes look less frequent. Like cbetting wrong size but it’s used 3% of time when computer given 6 sizes.”

— Dan Matthews (@danjfmatthews) May 2, 2022

The pre-flop chart faux pas must be quite embarrassing for a high-stakes pro. Some sites allow them and some don’t but, usually, players at that level have a pinpoint understanding of the difference between each platform.

Bryn Kenney Exposed by Martin Zamani

Bryn Kenney might have expected his soft interview with PokerNews to have relieved some pressure from the long list of allegations but nothing could be further from the truth.

Martin Zamani raised the stakes with the publication of thousands of messages from a Telegram conversation between Kenney and another American pro, George Wolff, which provided hard evidence that ghosting was taking place in the Kenney stable to some extent.

Since @PokerNews was willing to be the megaphone for @BrynKenney to denounce all allegations, is it reasonable for us to hold them to the expectation of providing follow up now that there’s more evidence against Bryn?

— Matt Berkey (@berkey11) May 4, 2022

The messages were obtained by Zamani from Wolff who was supposedly “strong-armed” into handing them over. Zamani claimed he didn’t want to harm Wolff’s career in any way but soon named him as his source before deleting the tweet.

Matt Berkey was quick to shout out for PokerNews to review all of the new evidence which, in all fairness, they did promptly and in great detail. No mean feat given the number of messages that needed to be analysed.

This article does a great job of dissecting 21 mins (2+ years) of texts. The general conclusion:
-no evidence of RTA
-Evidence of ghosting
-Some evidence of MA
-No evidence of Satty collusion
-Bryn lied a lot in the interview
This is a SINGLE text log, there’s a lot we don’t know

— Matt Berkey (@berkey11) May 5, 2022

The obvious conclusion from viewing this new evidence is that Bryn Kenney was aware of ghosting taking place in his stable. Beyond RTA use, this is probably the worst kind of cheating that can happen in the high-stakes community where reads can be everything in a game between two elite pros.

Bryn Kenney Still Denies Everything

Upon reviewing the new evidence, PokerNews asked Bryn Kenney to explain himself but was greeted with nothing more than another bucketload of denial and a claim that the Telegram messages do not constitute proof. “This is someone who has tried to blackmail me, scammed me for money and has tried to recruit people to get dirt on me so he could use it against me for money. It’s a guy with dirt for a reputation, has been involved in multiple scams and been arrested for assault on a handicapped person. He’s bitter I dropped him and has been trying to get dirt on me since then not being able to find much of anything.”
“Martin got cut out cuz he was harassing Scott margerson in the Aussie main event, was being super rude to people all over and I took a 350k loss in makeup to drop him which shoulda been sooner, and he still owes me 70k he borrowed off me. And he’s bitter I dropped him and has been trying to get dirt on me since then not being able to find much of anything.”
“I don’t think this is really any ‘proof’, he’s claimed rta, collusion, and ghosting. What does this pic show even if true that I asked one horse to help a player 1 time? Or that 2 guys I stake were in the same place once and one was helping the other, unprovoked by me …”
“He alleged I ran a ghosting stable, this is one instance if these messages are real of me telling 1 person to help another person … This doesn’t show anything of me ghosting, plus I said on the podcast that I have helped people before in the past on very minimal occasions.”

A further request was made to specifically explain the request for Wolff to help “klout” if he had time but Kenney declined to answer.

Martin Zamani later confirmed that he never had any hard proof but was hoping to lure him into a series of denials so that he could at the very least try and prove some level of dishonesty.

“I didn’t have proof of how hard I colluded in satellites but I needed him to deny some things so I could discredit him so people knew that he’s a liar and not believe him.” He added that Kenney was planning to build a poker site of his own with wealthy backers and couldn’t stomach that with all that he claims to know.

Were Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler Booted from EPT Monte Carlo?

After playing in the EPT Monte Carlo $100k Super High Roller, poker pariahs Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler were notably missing from the $50k event, one in which they would have been expected to be playing in.

Breaking: Ali and Jake enjoying the Beach in Monte Carlo instead of playing the 50k. A ban is possible but not confirmed. I will keep you updated

— Dietrich Fast (@2pacnrw16) May 3, 2022

Rumour has it that they were blocked from entering due to complaints from other players, but there is no evidence at all. There is also a rumour that Bryn Kenney might not be welcome in the Triton events in the future, so maybe times are changing after all and a black list could soon be a reality.

ali n jakr never appeared in the event. rumor is they where told they are not welcome and not allowed to play… dunno how much truth to rumor but thats word on the street

— Jason Wheeler (@JDPC27) May 3, 2022

I’ve seen multiple sources that say there are 100s of these accounts/players on GG that were banned but the only two that I personally know for sure are Jake Schindler and Ali Imsirovic. Making matters worse, these are supposed to be two of the heroes in the poker world!

— Chance Kornuth (@ChancesCards) April 21, 2022

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