More Massachusetts Sports Betting Violations

Late last month, we reported on several violations of Massachusetts sports betting regulations from three operators in the state. One of those violations came when Encore Boston Harbor allowed bets to be placed on games for Boston College women’s basketball. Now, they’ve done it again.

Encore admitted to their mistake when it happened before, blaming it on a technical glitch from a vendor’s platform. In an attempt to prevent the mistake from happening again, the casino stated that they had implemented additional measures. Obviously, those measures were not successful.

So what happened? Well, according to the Encore, they turned off the system responsible for the Massachusetts sports betting error. But somehow, it then turned itself back on automatically and allowed the bets to take place.

A spokesperson for Encore said “Through our audits, we identified a programming error in the system as it relates to NCAA women’s college basketball markets and we are currently working with our provider on a permanent solution.” In the meantime, the casino is not accepting any bets at all on NCAA women’s college basketball.

This is especially disappointing for state residents, as the NCAA March Madness tournaments are just about to start. Plus, mobile Massachusetts sports betting has just launched. So, shutting off betting on any college basketball right now will cost the casino some money.


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