New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Tennessee

Last week we reported that the United States had set a new record revenue mark for gambling in 2022. And that was without the figures for December included! And this week we’re following up with news of more records for gambling revenue in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

First up, the state that started the sports betting revolution: New Jersey. The state was able to generate over $5.2 billion last year, and the exciting part is that only half of the money came from brick & mortar casinos! According tot he New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the other half came from online operators. This was a 10% jump from 2021, and matched figures not seen since 2006.

Next up, the state of Pennsylvania was not to be outdone. In fact, their new all-time record revenue mark was just set, and it was also $5.2 billion, which annihilated the old record of $4.7 billion. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board reports that the new record was set from a combination of slot machines, table games, sports betting, online gambling, fantasy sports, and video gaming terminals.

Lastly, the state of Tennessee posted a new monthly record for sports betting in November, bringing in just under $440 million! Overall, sports betting brought in about $2.9 billion in 2022. Legal and regulated betting on sports has only been in place since 2020. But since it launched, Tennesseans have bet over $6 billion on mobile sports betting apps!