Pageant Media Rebrands the EGR Business to With Intelligence

EGR, a leading information network of the online gaming industry combining business-critical news and analysis, announced today its parent company, Pageant Media, decided to rebrand the business.

With Intelligence Ahead

EGR’s parent announced all of its asset management titles and events will be provided under the With Intelligence brand in a move that sets the stage for the launch of the company’s new platform that will bring all of its content – editorial, research, data and events – together to facilitate sales and asset management across its different asset classes. The new platform launch is slated for early next year.

Today we begin a new and exciting chapter. As With Intelligence, we bring together a global team of industry insiders, data scientists, analysts, reporters, technologists and developers to bring a fresh perspective on asset raising and allocation.”

Charlie Kerr, CEO and Founder, Pageant Media

EGR said in the announcement the new With Intelligence brand is positioning the media as a provider of a “unique blend of data and human insight,” looking to leverage its trusted business relationships to connect “allocators and managers with ideas and opportunities.”

Commenting further on the announcement, Pageant Media CEO Charlie Kerr outlined the new brand reflects both the current position of the company, as well as its future development path. “We are an investor information exchange; with our investor-fuelled data, we help clients make smarter allocation decisions,” he continued. 

“Driven by our events, our long-standing relationships in the asset management community, and our platform with insight-enriched data, our intel is fresher, richer and ultimately easier to act on.”

Charlie Kerr, CEO and Founder, Pageant Media

Founded in London in 1998 as a traditional publisher in the B2B segment, Pageant Media has been growing ever since to become a global business information network, looking to provide insight into the asset management industry.

Throughout the years, Pageant Media expanded its portfolio to include hedge funds, private equity and private debt, real estate and traditional asset management, while its personnel has grown to over 400 people spread across seven offices on three continents. The media’s portfolio of customers includes more than 3,000 institutional investors worldwide.