Parimatch Tech Holds Panel on Ukrainian Perspective

The Web Summit held between November 1 and November 4 in Lisbon once again brought together the biggest names in the tech industry. Among them, Parimatch Tech, the global product company that provides marketing and technology solutions for the Patimatch brand and the entertainment industry. Among other activities, Parimatch Tech introduced the ”Growth and Development Despite the War” panel focused on the way businesses in Ukraine overcame the challenges of the war. Speakers were busy covering a series of important topics including the changes that were brought to the IT industry along with the overall business environment in the country during the war.

The same panel also raised the matter of fresh approaches and proposals for the time to come. Parimatch’s responsible gambling ambassador and world champion pro boxer Oleksandr Usyk, chief executive officer Nataliia Hilevych, and AWS’s principal solutions architect Vadym Voitiuk were just a few of the main speakers.  

The Wind of Change for Ukrainian Businesses 

Natalia Hilevych spoke about the need for trust and unity between Ukrainian businesses and the state, mentioning competing brands, companies, foundations, and sportsmen alike. She explained how people who were unable to reach a compromise for years were forced to come together in the context of the war. Natalia also emphasized that, if in the pre-war era, releasing a new product would normally take the company months, there are now plenty of scenarios in which an idea born in the morning finds a team to execute it in the afternoon and funding to support it in the evening, with an official release the following day.

Oleksandr Bornyakov added that the state is now a firm supporter of the IT field by attracting capital, partnering with Western companies, and allowing access to important events like the Web Summit for fundraising purposes. Now, numerous startups in the country are having a much easier time reaching the next financing stages needed for their growth. The government helps them by communicating with western partners, attracting capital, and allowing them to present themselves at events such as Web Summit to raise funds for future development. Nonetheless, Oleksandr added that the Ministry of Digital Transformation could provide more support to the IT industry.

Vadym Voitiuk spoke about the immediate expansion phenomenon involving domestic businesses that are “compelled to go outside” to bordering nations where their user base has moved because of the war. However, these customers are still eager to use their Ukrainian credit cards and spend money in Ukraine to show their support, with the geographical shift making little to no difference. While not all companies are expected to apply the business models, some of them might seek to expand in western and central parts of Europe. 

Evgen Belousov also spoke about the “aggressive business environment in Ukraine” that promotes a “competitive atmosphere” that forces businesses to constantly fight for their customers. This also causes them to provide better services. Belousov further added that the Western world could use Ukraine’s example when it comes to the balance it has found between cost, time, and quality of service. 

Ukraine Will Become an “Expert in Building Digital Government Services”

Oleksandr envisioned the country one or two decades from now as “part of the European family” and also an “expert in building digital government services.” He also projected that the Ministry of Technical Transformation would begin to share its experience with states like Poland, Estonia, Poland, and North American and African countries, given its current experience in refactoring and reengineering public services. 

Oleksandr added that, at the moment, “all Ukrainians are doing as much as possible and a little more,” aiming to “rebuild everything that the aggressor destroyed ten times more beautiful.”

At the beginning of the month, Parimatch announced it became the official betting partner for Team Secret.