Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey Played Golf for $300,000 a Hole

05 Apr

We’ve all heard the stories about Phil Ivey being prepared to gamble on absolutely anything, but betting $300k per hole on a golf course with Patrik Antonius doesn’t sound like a relaxing Sunday afternoon out in the sun.

The story came out during an interview with Twitch streamer Jeff Gross when he asked what was the best Phil Ivey story he could tell. Antonius straight said that there are too many to contemplate but then remembered the high-stakes afternoon out on the golf course.

Ivey and Antonius were out playing a team game called scramble with their caddies with the Finn up a couple of holes. On the approach to the 17th hole, Antonius landed his shot only eight feet from the pin while Ivey’s ball ended up nowhere near the green. It looked like it was game over.

The rest of the play couldn’t be made up. Antonius and the rest of his team all missed the shot to guarantee a win for the day, which he says could only happen less than 5% of the time. And then Ivey’s team chipped in from miles away to reduce the deficit to only a single hole with just the 18th left to play.

Ivey’s team won the final hole to draw the day, leaving Patrik Antonius to say it was the most tilting game of golf he ever had.

Check out the video below for a replay of a 2008 match between Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius:

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