Podcast – attorney Bob Nersesian

Our guest this week is attorney Bob Nersesian. We talk about being 86ed from casinos, casinos that steal your chips, and much more.



[00:00]  Introduction of gaming attorney Bob Nersesian

[00:40]  Card counter rights in international waters

[04:52]  Wilma0’s chip cashing case

[12:26]  Do casino shareholders have extra rights as patrons?

[13:09]  More on Wilma0’s case

[18:29]  Slade case on trespassing

[20:48]  Betting online with beards

[23:09]  Can a casino refuse to pay a player who has been previously barred?

[27:52]  Do players have the right to be paid by check?

[29:57]  Trespassing in tribal casinos

[34:08]  Must errant payments be repaid?

[39:30]  Cashing chips that are difficult to cash

[44:22]  Is using a disguise cheating?

[49:38]  Does Bob practice in Southern California?

[50:24]  Device law in the USA

[53:09]  Is it legal to record a table game?

[55:38]  Gaming Control Board vs Gaming Control Commission

[56:49]  State bar and advantage play

[1:00:49]  Recommended – Kartchner Canyons, Ray Bradbury, Pat Frank, Harlan Ellison

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