Podcast – guest Roxy Roxborough

Our guest this week is legendary oddsmaker, Roxy Roxborough. We talk to Roxy about he got started as the man who made the sports lines for Vegas and beyond, and how technology has changed the bookmaking game.

[00:00]  Introduction of legendary sports handicapper, Roxy Roxborough

[00:40]  How and when did Roxy get into sports betting?

[02:49]  Roxy’s math background

[04:00]  How much money could be bet when Roxy started?

[05:14]  How has bookmaking changed?

[06:24]  Sportsbook operator consolidation

[07:29]  Limiting players

[09:37]  In-game betting

[11:43]  Late 1970s computer syndicates changed the betting landscape

[15:36]  Computer groups in horse racing

[19:44]  “The Computer Group”

[23:41]  Will Roxy ever write a book?

[25:19]  Hilton Superbook

[27:20]  Caesars loses money in sportsbook operations

[30:54]  Funding mobile betting accounts in Nevada

[32:31]  Will Sheldon Adelson’s death influence the online gaming market?

[33:30]  Bet Bash

[35:28]  Will Roxy get back into consulting?

[38:10]  The Super Contest at the Hilton

[41:56]  Does Roxy have any regrets?

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