Podcast – pro slots CS

Our guest this week is a professional slot player named CS.

[00:00]  Introduction of CS, advantage slot player

[00;34]  CS’s early gambling experiences

[02:15]  Learning about beatable slots

[05:24]  Networking for slot APs

[07:16]  Scouting slots

[10:59]  Slot tournaments

[14:25]  Optimizing mailers or EV?

[17:17]  Casinos backing off slot players

[19:50]  Multi-progressive slots, software updates, RTPs

[28:14]  Commercials

[30:28]  “Must Hit By” slot machines

[32:10]  Chopping plays with strangers

[35:24]  Stalking other hustlers

[39:14]  Filling bill validators

[42:08]  Would CS check machines in front of slot techs?

[44:12]  Arguments over machines, camping plays

[45:59]  Working with a partner

[48:59]  Can listeners contact CS?

[50:20]  Recommended:  Magic Spoon cereal, A Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva, The Art of Hunting Humans by Sidney Mazzi

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