Poker Community Responds to Roe v. Wade Ruling in United States

Poker Community Responds to Roe v. Wade Ruling in United States

28 Jun

The political climate in the United States is red hot right now following the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, effectively transferring the responsibility for abortion rights to each of the 50 states.

The poker community being like it is, has not shied away from expressing views on this controversial topic mostly, it has to be said, with extreme loathing.

Fired Up

Poker pro and commentator Maria Ho is known for speaking out on social justice issues and was quick to tweet her feelings about what she described as a “devastating and horrifying reality.”

Today brings about a devastating and horrifying reality for all women as we lose our right to choose what is best for our bodies and I shudder at the thought of what future generations may have to endure. Get loud and keep fighting. America, this ain’t it. #RoeVsWade

— Maria Ho (@MariaHo) June 24, 2022

We should have this fundamental right to our choice, our body, protected by the federal gov and not leave it up to what state we happen to live in and can be bound to because of circumstance. Most people don’t have the privilege of moving or paying to travel to access proper care

— Maria Ho (@MariaHo) June 24, 2022

Danielle “Dmoongirl” Andersen was also upset over the ruling but is at least feeling positive about the future as the younger generation gains voting rights.

And this, is why I stood in front of the TV & cried when Trump won the election…

The only positive spin I can muster up right now is that my son can vote in a little over 3 years. I truly believe his generation will not stand for this rigged bullshit. The clock is ticking. ✊🏽

— Danielle Andersen (@dmoongirl) June 24, 2022

High-stakes crusher Dan Smith is well-known for his charity work and got straight on the case to help raise funds for, calling the current situation “scary times for America.”

Scary times for America.

I am working on putting together a matching challenge for , but have some logistics to deal with in the interim.

Someone very sharp in the effective giving space recommended them, if you want to support, great option.

— Dan Smith (@DanSmithHolla) June 24, 2022

Another top player unhappy with events was Justin Bonomo. The tournament legend criticised the American system calling it “stupid.”

64% of Americans oppose overturning Roe v Wade

But there are 6 human beings, who didn’t win elections, who are serving *life terms*, who don’t care about what we want

5 of them were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote

Our system is so fucking stupid

— Bonologic (@JustinBonomo) June 24, 2022

A Personal Story

Farah Galfond shared a personal story to give her opinion on what can happen if women are denied access to abortion services. She wrote how she had a misscarriage at 13 weeks and the fetus was later diagnosed with a chromosome defect. She added that she would have had an abortion if this hadn’t happened.

turns out, that fetus had a chromosomal defect. If I didn’t miscarry and found out about the defect, I would have aborted, simple as that. Maybe another woman wouldn’t. But that’s the point. We should get to choose. Not these Christian men

— Farah Galfond (@Farah_Galfond) June 24, 2022

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