Proposed Bill In Montana Would Remove $800 Cap On Poker Pots

A proposed law in Montana would bolster the state’s live poker games.

Legislation has been introduced that would remove the state’s limit on cash-game pots. The current limit is $800, and if the bill passes, there would be no cap.

The following language would be crossed out from existing law that pertains to poker: “A prize for an individual live card game may not exceed the value of $800. Games may not be combined in any manner so as to increase the value of the ultimate prize awarded.”

It would be replaced with the following straightforward language: “There is no value limit on prizes for individual live card games. Except during a tournament conducted under [a separate provision], all prizes must be awarded immediately upon on completion of each hand.”

The bill would be good news for local poker players if it’s enacted.

In addition, the following would be struck from the existing law on the books: “If a licensed operator conducts a promotional game of chance involving a live card game, the prize limit […] applies to prizes awarded as a result of the promotional game of chance.”

The legislation is House Bill No. 209. It was introduced by policymaker Ron Marshall, a Republican. It’s been in the works since November, according to the bill’s website.

A state fiscal analysis said it would have no fiscal impact on the state.

Montana is a small population state, so there aren’t many live poker rooms. There are only a handful, with the largest being the four-table room at The Poker Parlor at Gold Dust Casino.