Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Grants Gauselmann Group Slot License

In Summary:

  • The Gauselmann Group has received a license to offer virtual slot games in Germany
  • The company first applied for the license last July with the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office
  • The games will be available under the Merkur Spiel brand

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Global, family-run business that creates and distributes slot machines and games for the leisure and entertainment industry Gauselmann Group has finally been given the green light to offer its slot games in Germany. The 1957-based company known for operating the reputable MERKUR Casino arcade chain in Germany and other European countries first applied for the license with the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office in July of last year. 

One year later, the group was given permission to provide its virtual slot games to passionate players under the Merkur Spiel brand. Gauselmann has already cherry-picked a few of the operators that will be displaying its products in the country while obeying Germany’s fresh  Interstate Treaty on Gambling

Gauselmann to Provide Its First-Class Games Online 

The group will provide its renowned slots games using the domain name Gauselmann will also strictly follow all requirements that came into force in 2021 through the freshly established licensing procedure for online poker and virtual slot machine games. 

The group has created close ties with the “LUGAS” system for cross-state gambling supervision in an attempt to prove its serious intentions to comply with the Treaty on Gambling. Merkur Sportwetten GmbH’s management spokesperson Markus Ettlin spoke about the license as a long process of “waiting for wings”. He also expressed enthusiasm about being allowed to offer their top-tier Merkur classic games played by millions at their land venues to online slot aficionados. Ettlin called the “approval” an “important and big step” for the group on its path towards turning into the most popular omnichannel supplier on the continent.

Gauselmann Group Develops Games at 13 Global Locations 

Proving its desire to create the very best gaming content for both brick-and-mortar venues and online players, Gauselmann opened no less than 13 different game development locations all over the planet throughout the years. There, talented and experienced gaming specialists work hard at creating highly innovative game features, mechanics, graphics, and themes that can keep up with the trends and players’ expectations. All games manage to strike the right cords with passionate players who are already familiar with the quality of the brand. Thanks to the newly obtained license, the online gaming market in Germany will finally be able to enjoy Gauselmann’s innovative titles.

In mid-July, the group announced record revenue similar to the revenue in 2019, enjoying a stable growth and following its path toward full post-pandemic recovery undisturbed.