Scammer Cons Well-Liked Streamer Ludwig (>$100K) and ‘RampagePoker’

11 Aug

Stories about scams and rip-offs are rampant in the world of poker and gambling, and we have yet another as told by Ethan ‘RampagePoker’ Yau and popular YouTuber Ludwig.

The same degen managed to pilfer the bankrolls of both, and apparently many other people as well. Yau was touched for only $1,000, chalking up his loss to a lesson learned. Ludwig was taken for thousands, perhaps as much as $118,000, depending on how you look at the eventual outcome.

Our story begins in June when ‘RampagePoker’ forked over $1,000 to a guy named Grayson Hunter Goss in order for Goss to get in on a $1-$2-$5 Pot-Limit Omaha cash game described as “really good.” Goss never paid his debt and came up with a tale about being mugged and losing $12,000 to the muggers.

Yau had some good advice for others after realizing that payment from Goss would never be forthcoming, stating:

“A reminder to never give/lend people you don’t know money.. no matter who they are/what the amount is.. so ridiculous.” Enter Ludwig, who apparently doesn’t follow ‘RampagePoker’ on social media. The popular online streamer hosted a $100,000 buy-in cash game on Hustler Casino Live earlier this year that included the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan, Ninja, and Mr. Beast. Ludwig walked away a winner to the tune of $300,000.

Scammer and Victim Meet

An August trip to Las Vegas with $50K in his pocket to attend a friend’s wedding found Ludwig at a Pai Gow table where a chance encounter with Goss resulted in Ludwig eventually handing over $6,000 in cash under the assumption that Goss would keep 30% of the money he won. This was after Goss did manage to win some money for Ludwig in Las Vegas, and also followed tales of Goss being a professional gambler and sports bettor and voice over actor.

Goss and Ludwig continued to communicate after parting ways, with Ludwig sending about $5K more in cryptocurrency. An eventual payout of $17,000 to Ludwig and the streamer was definitely sold on Goss’ ability to turn profits.

The Can’t Lose Wager

In short order, a frantic phone call from Goss with a can’t-miss bet on a tennis match at the French Open persuaded Ludwig to send roughly $50K in ethereum to Goss. Apparently, tennis pro Maria Sakkari was recently dumped by her boyfriend and was in no state of mind to compete, wanting instead to go home and sulk.

Lo and behold, Sakkari did lose the match in straight sets, with Goss telling Ludwig that his share of the winnings amounted to $118,000. Unfortunately, you know how the story ends, Ludwig never saw another penny from Goss, with the con man eventually admitting to the scam.

It wasn’t until Ludwig was swindled that he saw the tweets of ‘RampagePoker’ that warned others not to get involved with Goss.

“I spent the next couple weeks trying to understand how I had gotten myself into such a dumb position where I’ve been scammed out of this insane amount of money,” Ludwig said. While Ludwig doesn’t want to see Goss land in jail, he is on a mission to get the scammer banned from every casino in Las Vegas.

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