Sergio Perez Knocks Out Ramon Colillas from Poker Event in Brazil

17 Nov

Ramon Colillas managed to get knocked out of a charity poker event at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo this weekend in the very first hand. The 2019 PokerStars Players Championship winner suffered a bad beat against Red Bull Racing driver Sergio Perez after the latter rivered a lucky two pair.

Oracle Red Bull Racing and PokerStars entered a sponsorship deal earlier this year and decided to celebrate their ongoing cooperation with a charity poker event in Sao Paulo during the Grand Prix week.

Various celebrities were invited alongside select media and players including Red Spade Pass winners. PokerStars Ambassador Ronaldo, the Brazilian football legend, was also there.

The event was dedicated to raising funds for Wings For Life, a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation that also partners with Oracle Red Bull Racing.

How the Hand Played Out

In the very first hand of the tournament, Sergio Perez and Ramon Colillas entered a heads-up pot with the latter three-barrelling his QcJc on a Kc Qs Jd 8d 7s board. Not the strongest hand on that kind of runout but against an amateur who spends his life purely focussed on his F1 racing career it was likely the best.

And it was until the river. Perez held Kd7c and probably made two fine calls with his top pair only moving ahead in the hand on the river for a superior two pair.

Perez actually did play plenty of poker in his youth and still has a get together with his friends when he has time to return to Mexico in between races.

Speaking to PokerNews after the event, Perez said:

“When I’m in Mexico we get together once a week and we just have a good time. It’s always nice when you win!
“With poker you never know what your opponent is going to be like. It’s important not to show too much emotion, or maybe show them when you need to have more head than heart. There are drivers who can be very emotional, but maybe sometimes it’s good to show emotions.
Kimi [Raikkonen] would be a good poker player because he’s so cold, you just can’t see his emotions. Sebastian [Vettel] for the same reason. I know Fernando [Alonso] plays a lot of poker as well. And maybe Lance [Stroll] because he wouldn’t mind losing money!”

Although Perez benefited from the early double-up, he was out of the event soon after. Ronaldo, on the other hand, made the final table which was eventually won by Viktor Wessman, a Red Spade Pass winner from EPT Barcelona.

Speaking to PokerNews, Wessman said:

“I know a thing or two about poker. I was counting down the days until this trip for two months, and now I’m here it’s absolutely amazing.
Of course it’s on Sunday! Just like in poker, the Main Event everyone looks forward to is on Sunday. Winning the tournament was the perfect start, but from here every day is just going to get better.”

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