Shamrock Fortunes Slot Machine from AGS

As we head toward St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got a review for the Shamrock Fortunes slot machine! In this game, a happy-go-lucky leprechaun discovers not one, not two, but three pots of gold at the end of his rainbow! Delivered on the AGS Spectra Upright 43 game cabinet, this slot comes with vibrant graphics and eclipse lighting!Plus, it’s part of the Triple Coin Treasures family of games!

The Shamrock Fortunes slot machine features a happy-go-lucky leprechaun that discovers not one, but three pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! Debuting on AGS’ next-generation cabinet, Spectra UR43, vibrant graphics and eclipse lighting transport players into a fairy tale land with three unique bonuses, proven player mechanics, and the luck ‘o the Irish gleaming in every spin.

Dancing leprechauns blast over three vibrant pots of gold when corresponding wilds are triggered, awarding unimaginable luck in the form of three unique bonuses. The pots of gold on the top screen accumulate coins, adding to the anticipation of gaining more treasures. Players will see plenty of opportunities to win with frequent free spin bonus hits and the ability to trigger multiple-colored wilds in unison to create up to seven unique bonuses.

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