Sportradar Integrity Exchange Launches, Wages War against Match-Fixing

Sportradar has doubled down in its battle against match-fixing and corruption with its latest unit – Sportradar Integrity Exchange. The new network was announced today (Wednesday, April 6) and this product will enable sportsbooks to report suspicious betting activity.

Integrity Exchange Follows the Universal Fraud Detection System

Andreas Krannich, the managing director of Sportradar Integrity Services, stated that this network now plays a key role in the company’s efforts to tackle match-fixing and that is why he invited all bookmakers to strengthen the fight against these types of irregularities.

He also added that Integrity Services follows the Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) bet monitoring system.

Sportradar plans to keep the momentum going in 2022, just as it did in 2021, and apart from making a profit, the company is also dedicated to creating a safer sports betting environment. That is the reason why Integrity Services is a two-way channel that is free to use. 

Bookmakers to Benefit from Several Services

As Sportradar’s first integrity initiative with sportsbooks, Integrity Exchange will provide betting sites with several services. First off, the two-way channel will allow operators to raise concerns and exchange all types of information with integrity experts.

Access to online education tools, such as webinars will be provided. The topics covered in these webinars include match-fixing theory, anti-match fixing, and social media integrity.

Integrity Exchange will provide bookmakers with data-driven intelligence about the match-fixing situation in the world and deliver monthly and quarterly reports on insights in the industry and various types of analysis.

Finally, Integrity Exchange will deliver annual reports that feature market breakdowns, types of competitions that are exposed to the risk of match-fixing, match-fixing trends, and sports that are being manipulated.

When it comes to the sports integrity industry, Sportradar is one of the leaders in the field. Over the past 17 years, it has detected more than 6,600 suspicious matches. Sportradar Integrity Services consists of international experts in the field who deliver a detailed analysis of any types of irregular wagering patterns and suspicious sports events.

In 2021 alone, this unit detected 903 suspicious matches globally and these reports resulted in 65 sanctions.

Most recently, Sportradar announced a strategic partnership with the United States Football League (USFL). The CCO of Sportradar, Ed Blonk, commented on this development by saying that the company’s reliable, accurate and fast data will play a key role in USFL’s quest of increasing fan engagement.

Of course, Sportradar will also deliver its UFDS bet monitoring system, which will monitor betting activities around the matches of this league and make sure that it reports all forms of suspicious behavior.