SportsGrid Network Available via FuboTV for US & CA

Multimedia content and technology provider of digital solutions that reunite gaming, sports content, and NextGen technologies SportsGrid has announced its launch via NYSE-listed FuboTV. The 24/7 streaming network is getting ready to cater to the needs of a massive audience interested in sports wagering in the US and Canada. SportsGrid Network viewers will benefit from enhanced experiences, more fan engagement, and a clever mix of live sports betting and live sports programming. 

FuboTV Working to De-Risk Business

At the beginning of August, FuboTV announced its Q2 results together with a decision to adopt a strategic review regarding its wagering business. The company has big plans to make its business less risky, with the intention of finding trustworthy partners to support its sports betting activities. The new partnership with SportsGrid is just one of the many steps the company plans on taking in this direction.

At the same time, SportsGrid’s general manager for Canada & Syndication Jason Sukhraj called the new deal’s timing “perfect” given the upcoming National Football League (NFL) season and Federation Internationale de Football Association World Cup Soccer Championship. He added that SportsGrid’s line-up of programs should cater to the exact needs of “engaged fans” via real-time analytics offered prior to the beginning of the live events, as well as while they are underway. 

What Does the SportsGrid Network Have To Offer?

More exactly, the network offers 24/7 wagering options that feed real-time data analytics, matchups, odds, injury reports, lines, and news to sports aficionados and bettors. Everyone with a passion for the NFL, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and a series of other interesting sports and leagues can find relevant content to watch on a daily basis. The network offers 18 full hours of 100% original programs presented by a talented crew made of betting and sports experts, on-air personalities, and a number of guest contributors.

SportsGrid broadcasts its programs using a production facility nearby New York’s Madison Square Garden, as well as New Jersey’s SG Studios & Production Hub located in Holmdel. 

SportsGrid manages SportsGrid Radio, the SportsGrid Streaming Video Network, DailyRoto,, along with SportsGrid Studios. All data offered by SportsGrid is obtained from Sportradar with the help of a seamless integration solution that mixes real-time feeds and content.

In June, FuboTV announced it would introduce Pick’em Games in its quest to turn passive sports fans into engaged participants. In August, SportsGrid partnered with WynnBet for an insight-driven betting deal.