Stats Perform Adds NFL and NCAA to its PressBox Offerings

Stats Perform, a company focused on AI-based sports data and technology, has enhanced its PressBox Live sports stats platform by adding football to its roster of sports.

The strategic move will see PressBox Live provide sports enthusiasts and sports bettors with live football feeds for the 2022-2023 seasons of the National Football League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Steve Hirdt, Stats Perform’s senior director of operations and research, spoke on the new addition, lauding the company’s choice to include football. He noted that American football is a sport that has truly a truly passionate audience and is glad that Stats Perform is now foraying into NFL territory.

Hirdt noted that PressBox revolutionized European football coverage in but a single year, bringing enjoyment to sports organizations, broadcasters, and fans alike. The senior director is excited by the opportunity to do the same thing with the NFL and NCAA and looks forward to the success of Stats Perform’s American football offerings.

The Company Seeks to Appeal to the Broader Sports Audience

Nancy Hensley, the company’s chief product and marketing officer, spoke on the matter. She noted that finding the unique and interesting stats amidst the dynamic changes of a game is one of the major challenges any broadcaster faces. Despite how difficult it might be, this is exactly what Stats Perform’s mission is, as it seeks to keep the fan engagement high, attract sponsors and keep viewership growing.

Hensley noted that PressBox Live is designed to provide real-time data-driven insights, at scale and speed during a game. She elaborated:

“It’s like having several personal assistants to uncover interesting stat-driven stories behind the action on the field. And the best part is, when you need a deeper dive, our world-class team of sports experts is only a click away in the app. PressBox Live is a game-changer for any broadcaster looking to differentiate their storytelling.”

PressBox chief product and marketing Nancy Hensley

PressBox helps content creators to step up their game. Thanks to its The Stream newsfeed solution, it provides real-time stats and betting insights, helping broadcasters boost fan engagement. PressBox features many of the top sporting events.

In May 2021, the platform launched its European soccer solutions, which included data feeds for 280 leagues, including the British Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and Major League Soccer. Speaking of soccer, two weeks ago, the Thailand Football Association signed a multi-year agreement with Stats Perform, seeking to benefit from the latter’s Opta and RunningBall brands.

In January, Stats Perform renewed its data standards accreditation with the International Betting Integrity Association.