The French Regulator Sets New Guidelines for Gambling Ads

L’Autorité Jationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s gambling authority, has begun a crusade against gambling advertisement. The regulator has long claimed there are far too many betting ads and has decided that it is finally time to take action.

The Ads Have a Profound Impact on French Society

Seeking to combat the overabundance of advertisement of wagering products, the ANJ had previously introduced a five-point action plan to solve some of the perceived issues. The authority planned to carefully inspect each ad of its licensees and impose stricter rules on the marketing of betting offerings.

In September 2021, the regulator commissioned two studies on the correlation between gambling advertisement and problem gambling. The results demonstrated that punters are most active around sports seasons when there is a constant barrage of adverts.

Furthermore, a recent study concluded that numerous French teenagers engage in gambling activity thanks to the overall popularization of gambling.

The ANJ Introduced New Guidelines

The ANJ has reminded its licensees that their marketing campaigns have but one purpose – to help people understand which operators are legal and which are not. The authority pointed out that operators shouldn’t forget that.

To make sure its message is heard loud and clean, the ANJ will ban all ads that contain untruthful information about the chances of winning as well as those that trivialize gambling or promote it as a way to improve one’s social status. The authority took a stance against all gambling ads that represent wagering as a viable alternative to working or/and try to tempt customers with promises of wealth, respect, and success in life.

Additionally, the ANJ prohibited advertisements that appeal to the youth. According to the regulator, this includes any ads that feature cameos of celebrities beloved by young people or people who look like minors (even if they are not). The ANJ emphasized that this makes young people consider gambling as a hobby which can be dangerous for their future habits.

The regulator has proposed a combined limit for the whole gambling industry. A recommendation pointed out that operators can agree to only broadcast a set number of ads per advertising slot on the television, Internet, and radio.

Lastly, the ANJ said that bettors should be able to opt for exclusion or limitation of the gambling ads they see on the internet – a feature that the social media outlet Facebook recently introduced to its platform.