Di Loreto Steps Down from His Position as Nueva Codere’s CEO

Nueva Codere CEO Vicente Di Loreto is stepping down from his post in the company with a plan in place for his replacement. He will be succeeded by a pair of executives who will serve as co-chief executives.

Nueva Codere Unveils New Leadership

Alberto González del Solar and Alejandro Rodino will be taking the reins over once Di Loreto relinquishes the post on June 30 and move into an executive director seat with Nueva Codere, part of the bigger restructuring of Codere Group.

González is a long-time Codere employee. He has been the group retail chief operating officer of the company for a while and has also worked as a managing partner for Codere Group’s gambling division in Argentina.

Rodino, on the other hand, has held executive positions in Codere for 19 years. He has served as the company’s chief strategy officer and has devised plans to expand the business across the Spanish and South American markets.

Once González and Rodino assume office at the end of July, they will begin working on Nueva Codere’s Business Plan 2022-2026 and seek to expand the company. The plan itself is currently under development and will be finalized shortly.

Di Loreto Will Switch to the Position of an Executive Director

Codere Group’s board of directors is led by Christopher Bell who serves as chair. He commented on the change in leadership, thanking Di Loreto for his dedicated service to the company. Bell congratulated the leaving CEO for committing so much to the financial restructuring of the company despite the turbulent times. He explained:

“We are grateful for his (Di Loreto’s) achievements and fully support his decision, convinced that from his new position of responsibility he will continue to contribute knowledge and experience of great value to the group.”

Codere Group’s board of directors is led by Christopher Bell

Bell added that González and Rodino are two distinguished professionals and have demonstrated their competencies more than once in the last 15 years. Thanks to this, the whole company feels excited by the change and is looking forward to working with the new co-CEOs.

Di Loreto himself spoke about what sparked his decision to leave. He is sure that the restructuring is for the best. The soon-to-be-ex-CEO noted that it will allow him to have more time and flexibility. He reassured his colleagues that his devotion to Codere remains unshaken and that he will continue working for the company’s best interest in his new role as director and senior advisor to the management.

Di Loreto concluded that he feels honored to have served as Codere Group’s CEO and is sure that he’s leaving the company in sure hands.