Top WSOP 2021 Main Events Hands Leading Up to the Final Table

16 Nov

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It’s final table time at the Rio Convention Center. After a gruelling 12 days of poker, the World Series of Poker Main Event has been whittled down to the final nine players.

A starting field of 6,650 entrants qualifies as the 10th largest in the history of the event, which to some will actually be a disappointment, but it is still better than what anybody expected at the turn of the year.

A prize pool of $62,011,250 should certainly never be sniffed at, especially when the winner will be walking away with $8,000,000.

In the build up to the final couple of days, there have been some incredible hands. The usual selection of always remembering to expect the unexpected! Here are three of our favourites.

#1 Quads vs. Quads

This crazy hand was from the feature table on Day 3 and is something that players will only see a handful of times at most, in an entire career.

The action is five-way on the turn when the camera pans across to the table. The board is 6h 4d 4s 6c with a pot of 62,500.

Not an especially exciting spot until you spot that two of the five players have quads!

Ozgur Secilmis, from Turkey, has pocket sixes and Californian Chang Liu with a second-best pocket fours. Unbelievable.

Secilmis later made the most of his good fortune and will be one of the players lining up tonight in the final nine.

#2 Aggressive or Reckless?

Nicholas Rigby has been a breath of fresh air during the WSOP Main Event, a real throwback to a more exciting era that was still untouched by GTO solvers. His aggression has seen many a big name shout out for him on Twitter while others scream “reckless!”

In this hand he takes three-deuce offsuit and turns it into a big, dirty bluff, making his opponent fold pocket kings, much to the delight of those who saw the hand.

Jensen raises his pocket kings to 325k—around 45bb deep effective— and Rigby 3-bets to 920k. Jensen thinks a while and then 4-bets to 2.1m. Rigby flat calls in a pot of 4,300,000 when Jensen only has 3 million left behind.

The board comes down As 4s 4d. Jensen checks and Rigby bets all-in.

Jensen clearly knows what kind of a guy he’s up against right now but can’t bring himself to make the hero call. After a couple of minutes he folds and Rigby shows the bluff sending the rail wild.

#3 Doyle Brunson Returns

Doyle Brunson is the man who’s been here and done it more than any player alive today. Hisreturn to WSOP action was highly anticipated and from some of the hands we’ve seen he’s lost none of his skills.

Nguyen calls 500 with pocket tens and Doyle limps behind with AdKc. Yamin completes in the small blind and Lolis checks his option. The players are almost all playing between 150 to 200 big blinds deep, hence the more passive line.

The board comes down 2s 9h Ac. Yamin bets 1,000 into a pot of 2,500. Lolis folds, Nguyen and Brunson both call. The pot is now 5,500.

The turn is the As. Yamin and Nguyen both check; Brunson bets 3,500. Yamin folds and Nguyen calls. The pot is 12,500 and Nguyen has 72,000 behind with Brunson having him covered.

The river is the Th. Nguyen checks and Brunson bets 12,000. Nguyen raises to 30,000. Brunson barely takes 60 seconds to mull over what he has seen and rather than pay off the small raise he quickly pitches his hands into the muck.

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