Trying to Find a Way to Beat the Casinos at Roulette

This post is part of a syndication deal with the 888 casino group. Part of the agreement allows Anthony Curtis to comment on the information presented in each submission.

A.C. says: The title of this article is reasonable. It doesn’t purport to provide a way to beat roulette; it talks about ways that players “try” to win. No, the methods described here won’t provide you with an advantage—and that point is made clear within—but they’re reasonable ways to play when the emphasis is on entertainment. Mixed in is good advice on playing games with better rules, e.g., a single-zero game (-2.70%) is better than a double-zero (-5.26%). Not mentioned here is the trend toward triple-zero wheels (-7.69%). No bueno!

This post was written by Frank Scoblete in association with 888Casino.

This article is for you even if you have played roulette for a long time or are just picking it up now or in a few hours.

I have gathered some roulette players, each with his or her own ideas of how to play and how to manage their finances. 

But just a few words from me as we begin. 

These are players who know themselves and understand the game. I have avoided the wild players who just throw their money around with no sense or concept of what the game they are playing is all about. The big drinkers I have not bothered with because with a little booze comes too much of a lack of inhibition. Some inhibition is good for players.

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