US Sports Betting Delays in Several States

Delays, delays, delays! US sports betting delays in Maine, which won’t launch until next year! Delays in Kansas, where betting on sports won’t launch in time for football season! And delays in Massachusetts, which won’t launch until the Super Bowl! But there is one state that is already counting down to their sports betting launch.

36 states! That’s how much US sports betting has spread across America in just four years! 36 states! But some of the most recent states to regulate the activity are having a bit of trouble getting going. Maine sports betting was the 34th state to regulate the activity, way back in May of this year. And now the state Gambling Control says that we should not expect a launch there for at least another eight months… possibly much, much longer. Now Maine is the 42nd largest state by population, so this delay is a bit perplexing. And while a launch eight months from now would put them into January of 2023, the Gaming Control board says possibly more like January 2024!

Kansas then became the 35th state to pass sports betting legislation just a few weeks after Maine, but they too are experiencing delays. Originally, they wanted to have bets up and running by September… but sometimes plans don’t come together. You see, the Governor wanted Kansas sports betting in place before the kickoff of this year’s NFL Season. State gambling officials, however, had a bit more realistic timeline, saying that maybe… MAYBE…  bets will be in place before the Super Bowl.

Of course, the 36th state to legalized was sports betting in Massachusetts, passing legislation just a few short weeks ago. They too had been hopeful to have betting in place before the kickoff of this year’s NFL Season… but that ain’t gonna happen! The state Gaming Commission wants residents there to know that, while they appreciate their enthusiasm, they should probably temper their expectations just a little bit… Adding that they were hopeful to have sports betting up and running by next year’s Super Bowl!

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And finally this week, even with all the US sports betting delays in other states, there is one state one that has an absolute, guaranteed, 100% gonna happen launch date set in stone… and they’re already counting down! And that’s Ohio, set to launch sports betting just after midnight on January 1st of 2023! So, if you want to have fun this New Year’s Eve, head to Cleveland! And that may be the first time anyone’s ever said those words.