When Is It Quittin’ Time?

This post is syndicated by the Las Vegas Advisor for the 888 casino group. Anthony Curtis comments on the 888 article introduced and linked to on this page.

A.C. says: When should you quit playing during a gambling session? Most advice revolves around the monetary consideration, focusing on protecting a big win or limiting losses. The advice in this article is related to that, but really boils down to using common sense. It advocates paying attention to what you know is the logical thing to do, whether based on your current results or simply maximizing the experience. It sounds a little bit like a cop-out, but because of several points made in this article, there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules for stopping. That’s okay; relying on common sense is good advice for all levels of player. However, there’s a fairly solid rule of thumb for expert players who know how to play with an advantage, e.g., by counting cards in blackjack or playing a video poker progressive that’s above breakeven. Assuming you’re adequately bankrolled, you should stop when the game conditions deteriorate or when you’re too tired to play accurately. For pros, the paramount consideration for deciding when to stop is almost always whether or not the game continues to be beatable, not how much has been won or lost, especially after a small amount of play.

This article was written by Frank Scoblete in association with 888casino.

When Is It Quittin’ Time?

At any point in your contest with the casino you could be in any one of the following situations:

  • You are way ahead and feeling like the true champion of the world.
  • You are way behind, in short, you’re taking an absolute beating
  • You are a little or somewhat ahead, not bad.
  • You are a little or somewhat behind, not good.
  • You are even or about even, you have plenty for another session sometime later or tomorrow.
  • You’re tired.

Let us say you have played enough time at the table or the machine to feel you have had a full experience. You don’t feel short changed.

Should you be calling it quittin’ time?

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