Why Do So Many NBA Fans Call Michael Jordan the Best Ever?

Michael Jordan is, without doubt, one of the greatest, if not the absolute best players to ever grace basketball. His adventures with the Chicago Bull and Wizards are unknown to nobody, and his success with the US National Men’s Basketball team is prolific, to say the least. Jordan rose through the ranks to become an integral part of the Bulls machine, which is one of the best lineups ever assembled in NBA’s long history, and he established himself as a regular in that team before rising even higher and becoming the talisman, leading them to several championships as well as collecting numerous accolades for his own personal collection.

During his immense playing career, Jordan accumulated various sponsorship and partnership deals with major brands, and as a result of his relationship with Nike, launched his Jordan brand, which went on to become one of the most highly-grossing brands in history, with the shoes creating hype in pop-culture that was never seen before. The deal with Nike and many other brands, plus his basketball earnings, ended up making MJ a self-made billionaire. Therefore, it’s very much safe to say that Michael Jordan has been an immense success, both sporting-wise and as a businessman. Below are some of his traits, characteristics and qualities which make him so good: 

Taking Care Of Himself – Physically

Michael Jordan was many things, but his best trait, arguably, was that he was an immense mental monster, with a mentality few people possess. This helped MJ take care of his athletic body in the best way that was possible, such as by having the perfect diet, hitting the gym regularly, and unconditional practice. All of the above meant that MJ was always in the best shape possible when it came to basketball games. 

MJ was a player as skillful as they come

Basketball requires both physical prowess and immense skill, with regular hours of practice daily needed, especially for professional players. While MJ was obviously a physical marvel, possibly one as unique as Brazil’s og Ronaldo, his basketball skills and exquisite technique also had a major hand in his immense success. MJ’s monster mentality also meant that he could never accept a flaw in his game, or something that his opponents could exploit against him and hurt his or his team’s performance. This meant that MJ spent hours every week learning the tactical aspect of the game as well, and working hard to eliminate, or at least improve his weaknesses. 

MJ was a competitive beast 

There is one characteristic common among all of the great players, no matter which sport they play. All of them seriously hate losing, and MJ was no different in this regard. He was always in a bad mood for days when he lost a game, especially with the Chicago Bulls.​​ This was also derived from his monster mentality which meant that he always needed to be the best player on any court he stepped onto. This characteristic was of immense importance as this allowed his teammates to show up and do their best as well, as no player can single-handedly carry any team to an NBA Championship, no matter how good he is. 

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